Eurodisney – Disneyland Paris

Families from all over Europe, Africa, India, Asia, and, of course, the USA, come to this ultimate Disney theme park. The planners have learned from every prior park and really deliver an exceptional experience. Hotel and ticket packages are very cheap compared to Paris prices, because of course, they are 40 miles outside Paris. Once there, your cash will go to souvenirs and the relatively expensive onsite food, but what price a child’s joy? Be sure and use their site to get excellent package hotel deals, airport transfers or rental car deals. The RER light rail connects the resort to Paris so you can easily travel in to sightsee. Main line trains connecting you to Europe stop right at the resort. LG

Eurodisney – Disneyland Paris
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Bailly-Romainvilliers, France, France
Tel: 33-1-60-30-60-83